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Desert Horizon's Sage Grouse


AKC Registered

Chocolate & Tan Dapple Female

Bi Eyed

13 Pounds

PRA Carrier

Full Panel Testing By Embark Genetics

Sage is the first Dachshund puppy that we have brought into our home in 12 years, it has been a while since we have raised Dachshunds.

She is so full of herself, I refer to her as the "sentinel" of the bunch, she is always and I do mean ALWAYS looking for something to bark at.

Sage is a love bug, she loves to be loved on when she has time, she is usually to busy scouting her home outdoors or tormenting Wren and the other girls indoors.

This girl is full of personality and we just love her!

Like Wren she goes camping and hiking, she loves it. She is very bold, not much intimidates her. She loves life.


Desert Horizon's Meadow Lark


AKC Registered

Cream Dapple Brindle Female

Brown Eyes

9 Pounds

PRA Carrier

Full Panel Testing By Embark Genetics


Meadow....where do I begin? Meadow is my trouble girl, if she can find it, she is usually the center of it.

She likes to explore the outdoors and climb every fence presented to her. 

She loves playing in her kiddie pool in the Summer, unfortunately she also likes to try to catch wasps...I have keep a close eye on her and her antics.

Meadow is a lot like Wren, she is observant and rather quiet (not a barker) as far as Dachshunds go.

She loves to curl up on our laps or find something to get into that she shouldn't be.

She is a pleasure to spend time with.

This girl keeps me on my toes daily!


Desert Horizon's Tiger Lillie


AKC Registered

Black & Tan Dapple Piebald Female

Marble Eyes

10 Pounds

PRA Carrier

Full Panel Testing By Embark Genetics

Lillie is Sage's cousin, she is very similar in personality, she is loud outgoing and affectionate.

Sage and her have made a racetrack out of my house, they are very entertaining to watch. On occasion all of them will race through the house together.

Lillie loves when the grandkids come to visit, she loves to snuggle with them.

She is also very playful and loves to wrestle with the other girls and Wren.

If Lillie wants or needs something she will definitely let you know in no uncertain terms with her high pitched voice.

She has the most beautiful marbled eyes, we are excited to see her as a future momma dog here someday.



Lincycomb's Desert Horizon Daffodil


AKC Registered

Red Dapple Piebald Female

Bi Eyed

8 Pounds

PRA Carrier

Full Panel Testing By Canine HealthCheck

Daffodil is very similar to Wren in her mannerisms, she is gentle and very loving, she is so easy going, she is another observer as well. She has recently discovered her voice while playing.

She absolutely loves when the grandchildren come to visit. She is drawn to Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn will tote her around for hours like a baby.


Bells Doxies Pied Penny

AKC Registered
Shaded Cream Piebald Female
Brown Eyes
10 Pounds
Testing pending

Penny came to us from Bells Doxies. She is the sweetest loving little girl. She has warmed up to her entire new family, fur family included. She fits right in here at Desert Horizon Dachshunds. We will post more about Penny as we get to know her and she gets to know us.