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Timberline's Sassy Sapphire


AKC/IMASC Registered

Blue Merle Female

Blue Eyes

19 Inches

40 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/n


Sassy is one of two puppies I purchased in 2012. 

She and Copper are where it all began.

Sassy has quite the personality, she is extremely smart.

She loves to slowly climb into your lap without you realizing what she is doing.

She is a very good mother to her babies or any babies (she likes to take over the other females puppies).

She enjoys watching the grand kids play with their toys in the living room, she will watch for hours.

Sassy loves chasing lasers and playing fetch.

She also enjoys going for rides in the truck and hiking. 

Sassy is another one of our constant shadows.

Sassy has blessed us with many beautiful litters and is retired.

                                     Desert Horizons Sapphire Chloe Girl  (Chloe)

AKC/IMASC/ Registered

Red Merle Female

Blue Eyes

16 Inches

35 Pounds

Full Panel Clear Through Paw Print Genetics


Chloe is from my first litter of puppies that I raised out of Sassy and Copper.

She is our home grown girl.

Chloe belongs to my daughter Amber. 

I babysit her on occasion.

She is so much like Copper, she's very laid back and gentle.

Chloe enjoys the lake, she LOVES to dive off the boat and swim.

Any truck rides or hiking she's game to go.

Chloe has chickens in her yard,  she helps Amber herd them into their coop.

She is great at herding and has never hurt one of Ambers chickens.

Chloe is a wonderful momma dog!!

Desert Horizon's Midnight Skye


AKC/IMASC Registered

Black Tri Female

Blue Eyes

15 Inches

30 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/n

Skye is another Copper and Sassy daughter that we have raised out of  Sassy's second litter.

She is now my sons dog and of      course I babysit her on occasion (when she is having puppies).

Skye is quiet and very gentle with her human family members but, not so much with her dog family, she loves to rough house with the older Aussies.

Like the rest she loves to go for rides in the truck and hiking.

Matthew owns a diesel shop and  Skye spends most of her days there  with him. 

Skye loves to  zip around the dog  park as fast as she can, she's full of  life and fun to interact with. 

Skye has blessed us with beautiful puppies.

DSC_0088 (2).JPG

Timberline's Bailie and Cream


AKC/IMASC/ Registered

Blue Merle Female

Blue Eyes

14 Inches

30 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/n


Bailie is the fourth girl we added to our program.                She is my husband's baby, usually as they get close to being adults we don't allow them on the furniture, Bailie is still on it.

She is my miniature ball of energy and antics.

There is never a dull moment with her around.

She loves riding in the truck and hiking.

Bailie is extremely athletic.

She has produced some of my best litters to date.

Desert Horizon's Sapphire Zoey Girl


AKC/IMASC/ Registered

Red Tri Female

Blue Eyes

Height 14 Inches

Weight 25 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/p


Zoey is the third daughter I have kept back out of Copper/Sassy

(Yes, I really like their puppies).

Zoey is outgoing, she loves to be loved on and she also likes to rough house with Jax. 

She likes to make sure he knows she is the leader.

They both manage to keep me on my toes.

Zoey has proven to be just like her mother and sisters, she has produced beautiful litters.

Desert Horizon's Sadie


AKC Registered

Red Merle Female

Blue Eye/Green Eye

Height 15 Inches

Weight 30 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/n


Sadie is a home grown girl out of Jax and Bailie.

She is the first daughter we have kept out of Bailie.

She is a beautiful minimal merle with bi eyes (green and blue).

She is an observer and confident in herself.

She has matured beautifully, we are excited to see what she someday produces.

Bred 2021.jpg