Timberline's Copper Top



Red Tri Male

Hazel Eyes

18 Inches

39 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/p


Copper was one of two puppies I purchased in 2012. 

He and Sassy are where it all began.

Copper is a very gentle loving dog who is our constant shadow.

Copper loves to go for rides in the truck and out 


He loves attention and does great with my grand kids.

He's my puppies babysitter when I wean them from their mothers.

Copper is the main man here at Desert Horizon Aussie's. We have raised a lot of outstanding puppies from Copper.



Timberline's Sapphire

Gunnar Boy


AKC/IMASC Registered

Blue Merle Male

Blue Eyes

15 Inches 

28 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/n


Diesel is our second male addition.

Diesel is full of energy, he loves attention and playing is his favorite pastime.

My grand kids are his favorite toys, he loves kids, especially my grandson Jake.

Diesel has matured into a beautiful male, his puppies are stunning.

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Desert Horizon's Gunnar 


AKC/IMASC/ Registered

Blue Merle Male

Blue Eyes

Height TBD

Weight TBD

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/n


Introducing  Desert Horizon's Gunnar.

He is our first home grown male we have kept for our program.

He is a little guy and so far he is very outgoing with me and quiet around strangers.

He  loves to be cuddled.

Dont let his size fool you......he can stand his own against his bigger siblings!!

We cant wait to see how he matures.



Big City Jax at Desert Horizon Aussies


AKC/IMASC/ Registered

Red Tri Male

Blue Eyes

Height 14 Inches

Weight 28 Pounds

HC- n/n


MDR1- n/n

Full Panel Clear by Paw Print Genetics


Introducing Big City Jax at Desert Horizon Aussies.

We are thrilled to add Jax to our program,

He has produced some stunning litters.

Jax has a very out going personality and he's a snuggle bug. He does his best to wrestle with Zoey, but she outsmarts him everytime.....its a girl thing!!