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My name is Mary Gesser, my husband is Dave Gesser we are the owners of Desert Horizon Aussies & Dachshunds. We have several Australian Shepherds and Dachshunds that are our pride and joy, we have raised all of our dogs from puppies.

I have loved Dachshunds the majority of my life. The love of Aussies started when our daughter was a senior in high school and she wanted an Aussie for her graduation present instead of a trip to Hawaii, yes Hawaii!! Sassy was our original pick and before she was old enough to come home we added Copper and flew both to Arizona. That was the beginning of our love of Aussies, we have never looked back. 


Aussies have the best personalities, they are the most loving dogs with our grandchildren and anyone new once they have our approval. We enjoy taking them camping/hiking/swimming as often as we are able before and after fire season (Dave is a wildland firefighter). We have a few that like to watch television or watch the grandkids play with their toys for hours. They are our constant shadows, we no longer have privacy in the restroom!! Their intelligence is exceptional, they are very fast learners. If you're not firm in their training, they will train you! 

Dachshunds are a bit different than Aussies, they are hard headed and require just a bit more firm training. These little guys are animated, bold, fearless and very loving. They don't believe in personal space either, they love to be with you unless their nose catches a scent...then they want to give chase and track whatever caught their attention. They think they are a big dog in a little body. Yes, we take them camping/hiking/swimming with us as well, they just need to be watched a bit closer, they like to explore with or without us.


We take their well being very serious. With that being said, we have all of their genetic testing completed before we ever raise a litter out of them. Our girls are two years old or older when they have their first litter so they have had a chance to reach maturity mentally as well as physically before becoming mothers. They are all always kept up to date on all medical care. We feed NutriSource, NuVet vitamins, a variety of other specialty foods, other vitamins and of course fresh water. Our dogs are all indoor family pets and our puppies are born and raised in our home. Yes, it's a lot of work and we love every moment of it. Our adults are never re-homed, when they retire, they retire right here with us for life, they are our beloved pets first and foremost.


We look for the best homes where our puppies will be taken care of, where they can grow to become yours, your child's or significant others devoted companion. We like to stay in touch with new puppy families and receive updates on your baby from time to time. We are always available for questions about your new family member. When you allow a Desert Horizon Aussie or Dachshund into your home and heart you become a part of our family as well and we love to hear from you!!





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Click on picture to see about the breed

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